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SnooZeal is a ground breaking, innovative and revolutionary product that treats the causes of snoring.


The patented technology behind SnooZeal was invented by leading ENT consultant Professor Anshul Sama BmedSci, BMBSc, FRCS (GEN Surg), FRCS (Otol), Dip. MedEd.


What’s the scientific principle behind SnooZeal?

The treatment principle is based on the use of electrical current to stimulate and improve muscle function.
SnooZeal applies this principle to the tongue muscle, and is the first application of its type to be used for the treatment of snoring.





What does SnooZeal consist of?

The SnooZeal product consists of three elements:

  1. Mouth piece: designed to fit onto the tongue like a glove
  2. Control unit: a rechargeable unit that attaches to the mouth piece via a mini-USB connection
  3. Remote control unit and/or SmartPhone App used to manage the control unit’s functions




How Does SnooZeal Work?

Snoring is caused by the tongue losing its muscle tone during sleep so that it collapses and obstructs the breathing passage.

SnooZeal trains and tones the tongue muscle, effectively giving it a ‘workout’ to stop it collapsing backwards, and thereby stopping the snoring sound.

How is SnooZeal used?

SnooZeal is used twice a day, at times convenient to the user, for a period of 6 weeks.

The SnooZeal mouth piece is placed into the mouth and attached to the control unit that is driven by the wireless remote control or SmartPhone App.

The remote control or App activates electrodes in the mouthpiece, which stimulate the tongue muscles, effectively giving them a “work out”. The wireless system removes the need for wires going to the mouth.

The Smart App allows you to monitor how often you have used the device, when, and most importantly, how your snoring has changed over the period by monitoring your snoring levels at night.

SnooZeal offers four programs for different types of toning improvements to the tongue muscle function.
It can be used anytime, anywhere, in any personal environment – watching television or whilst doing almost anything around the house.

Why does SnooZeal work where other snoring treatments fail?

Most anti-snoring devices aim to hold the breathing passage open or reduce the resistance of mucus during sleep.

Most – if not all – of these non-surgical treatments involve using the devices during sleep.

None of these addresses the root cause of snoring: the change in tongue muscle behaviour in people who snore.

Although some scientists have been able to show improvement in snoring using electrodes attached to the chin, these involve external, cumbersome wires and poor delivery of stimulation to the main muscles of the tongue.

In contrast, Snoozeal delivers the stimulation directly to the tongue itself.

Smart Phone Technology

The control unit can be driven by the wireless remote control or SmartPhone App.

Is SnooZeal unique?

SnooZeal is unique.

No product like it exists anywhere.

SnooZeal places electrodes above and below the tongue effectively and discretely, for greater improvement in tongue muscle toning and a reduction in snoring.

With SnooZeal, no sleep time wear is required – meaning you get to sleep just as nature intended!

What trials have been done?

Results from multiple previous clinical trials have proven that muscle activity can be improved with this electrical stimulation technology principle.

Several studies have shown that electrical stimulation of the tongue can reduce snoring and sleep-related obstructions.

SnooZeal is the first patented product that is used entirely in the mouth and that directly stimulates the tongue muscle in order to address the root cause of snoring.

We have moved this technology out of the laboratory to create an easy-to-use, effective product for you to use in the convenience of your home, so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep.

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