The Product

SnooZeal is an innovative, simple and competitively priced anti snoring product.

It is available without prescription and provides much-needed relief for people who suffer from snoring.


With our modern lifestyles and longer working patterns, a good night’s sleep has never been more essential. 

Yet snoring is a major cause of sleep deprivation, with a partner’s snoring often leading to frustration and marital disharmony as well as a lack of sleep.

SnooZeal is unique because it treats the causes of snoring rather than just the symptoms.


Why does SnooZeal work?

Many people snore – and many have already tried an anti snoring product.

For some of these people, the reason for snoring may be to do with weight, jaw size or alcohol consumption. In most however, snoring is caused by an over-relaxation of the tongue muscles during sleep. This blocks the breathing passage, which in turn leads to the snoring sound we’re all familiar with.

SnooZeal is a unique and ground-breaking anti snoring product that gives the tongue a regular “workout”, reversing this over-relaxation and relieving snoring.

What is the SnooZeal anti snoring product?

SnooZeal is a unique, discrete and non-intrusive anti snoring product that can be worn at a convenient time for just 20 minutes, twice a day.

Because you wear it while you’re awake, there’s no mask or other uncomfortable device to put on at bed time!

And because SnooZeal is available over the counter, there’s no delay with GP appointments or prescriptions.

Snoozeal is a revolutionary treatment
because there’s nothing to wear
while you sleep

And it works!

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What makes SnooZeal different?

Most anti snoring treatments try to relieve snoring by “stenting” some part of the breathing passage.

In most cases, this means the user having to wear some kind of device every time they go to bed.

The result is often a poor night’s sleep due to the discomfort of an unnatural device which tries to change the breathing pattern.

With SnooZeal, there’s no device or cumbersome contraption to wear at bed time.

So you can simply go to sleep.  Just as nature intended.


SnooZeal Quality Management is certified to ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 standards


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