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At SnooZeal we believe passionately that our original and ground breaking product will revolutionise the treatment of snoring related disorders.

SnooZeal is the brainchild of Professor Anshul Sama, and has been developed with the advice and collaboration of a diverse group of experts.
Together they have created a product that addresses the difficult problem of snoring.


Our Principles

Our ethos is to optimise quality of life for our patients by combining novel medical innovation with simple and powerful ideas. We achieve this by harnessing years of sleep disorder research experience to provide a real and proven treatment for snoring.

We also collaborate closely with innovative technology and university departments.

The SnooZeal Team

Our professional team includes senior researchers and clinicians practising in the field of Anatomy, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck surgery, Sleep Medicine, Maxilofacial and reconstructive prosthetics and Medical Engineering.

Professor Anshul Sama

Professor Anshul Sama FRCS

Professor Sama is a consultant at Nottingham University Hospital and visiting professor at Loughborough University, UK.  
He graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BMedSci, BM, BS and subsequently FRCS (Gen Surg) and FRCS (OTOL). He has served as a Lecturer in Anatomy at the University of Leeds, honorary lecturer in Anatomy at Emmanuel College Cambridge and recently as Honorary Lecturer at the University of Nottingham. He practices in the field of rhinology with a special interest in sleep disordered breathing, frontal sinus surgery and endoscopic skull base surgery. Prof. Sama is a council member and treasurer of the British Rhinology Society and the past secretary of the rhinology section of Royal Society of Medicine.
Among his many editorial responsibilities, he is a past editor of the Rhinology section of Current Opinion in Otolaryngology and ENT Masterclass. He is also the author of the chapters on Snoring and Obstructive sleep Apnoea in The British Medical Journal. He organises many annual teaching courses, has published in the areas of frontal sinus and image guidance in endoscopic sinus surgery and is a Keynote speaker at the annual professional bodies of Belgium, Denmark and Poland. As a member of the Nottingham Sleep Centre, Prof. Sama has established expertise in snoring and sleep disorders, which is recognised at international level.
Professor Boris Stuck

Professor Boris A. Stuck, Dr. Med.

Professor Stuck is the Consultant and Vice Chair at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the University Hospital of Essen, Germany.
He has Board Certification in Otorhinolaryngology and in Sleep Medicine and is also a consulting scientist at the Sleep Disorders Centre, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery in Mannheim, Germany. As well as having spoken on “Surgical Treatment of Sleep Disorders” at the German Society of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM), Prof. Stuck’s writing credits include:  
The German interdisciplinary standard textbook “Practice of Sleep Medicine” [editor and author] German Guidelines on Diagnosis and Treatment of Snoring in Adults [author] German Guidelines for Non-restorative Sleep, chapter on sleep disordered breathing [co-author] Prof. Stuck is also a member of the European Task Force on Non-CPAP Therapies in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Professor Russell Harris

Professor Russell Harris

Professor Harris is Director of the Additive Manufacturing Research Group at Loughborough University UK where he is also Professor of Medical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing.
He has been researching in fields of cross-disciplinary engineering and Digital Manufacturing processes since 1997, and has presented and published over 100 research papers including Proceedings of the Royal Society, the Lancet, and ASME. Prof. Harris has authored several book chapters, and has a number of distinguished academic awards including The Institute of Mechanical Engineers Professional Engineering
Publishing Award for research in Engineering in Medicine (2007) and The Queen’s Anniversary Prize for High Value Manufacturing (2013, Group Award). He is also regularly invited as a keynote speaker at conferences around the world and his research has twice been chosen for headline presentation at the University’s Annual Reception (Surgery simulation in 2011, Richard III project in 2013).
Mr Jason Watson

Mr Jason Watson

Jason is a Consultant Reconstructive Scientist at Nottingham University Hospital with over 2 decades experience (including two large regional Maxillofacial Prosthetics units) in a range of specialist areas.
These include craniofacial surgery planning, head and neck oncology, deep buried implants, dental and facial implantology, custom medical device design and manufacture, material science, 3D printing and manufacture, facial prosthetics, TMJ disorders and mandibular devices for sleep apnoea. He was awarded the National Prize for Leadership from the government’s Chief Scientific Officer Professor Sue Hill in 2011 and was the first Reconstructive Scientist to be to
have undergone equivalence assessment by the Academy of Healthcare Science and entered onto the register of Clinical Scientists in 2015. His research interests include 3D modelling and specialist surgical modelling techniques. He has published over 24 papers in peer reviewed journals and current research funding totals £900,000. Jason has been a Council Member (since 2006), Education Officer (since 2013) and IMPT Council editorial board member since 1998.
Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker is VP Sales at Attentus Medical Sales Inc, headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA.
Tom joins Snoozeal with an extensive background with early startup medical equipment companies. His work with entrepreneurs spans the earliest seed or concept stage of the development through the entire life cycle of the company.  He has successfully launched over 200 products throughout his career.
He started his medical device career as the VP of sales for the Durable Medical Equipment division at Medline and was highly effective at launching new innovative products through his sales channels and networks. Later, Tom took over as the VP of Sales for Attentus Medical and has successfully grown that business 200% year after year.
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